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Why Add Voice?

How do you begin an interaction with a piece of technology? With an intent forming in your mind. I want to turn on the TV. I wonder which is our most valuable contract. The simplest way to express that intent is by speaking it.

What is a voice interface?

Voice interfaces allow humans to communicate with machines using speech rather than keyboards, mice, or touchscreens. Voice interface technology has existed for a long time, and in recent years it's made its way on to our smartphones. A voice interface even had a starring role in a feature film. That's powerful stuff.

Until recently, building a voice interface was solely the domain of very large technology companies - Apple, Google, and Microsoft all have their own intelligent voice agents. While these are impressive displays of the power of voice interaction, most of these are closed platforms. Few developers outside Apple or Google had the ability to innovate with voice. This means that building a custom voice interface used to be prohibitively expensive for most companies, as they would have to build their own voice recognition and natural language processing capabilities from the ground up.

That's why we're so excited about platforms like the Alexa Skills Kit and Api.ai. The Alexa Skills Kit currently powers the Amazon Echo, a truly revolutionary piece of technology. The Echo clearly demonstrates the power of natural, vocal interaction with machines. Api.ai is a powerful Natural Language Understanding platform that enables the creation of extremely versatile conversational interfaces. And thanks to the open nature of these platforms, the power of voice has been democratized. It's time for everyone to have a chance to give their ideas a voice, and we're excited to help.

Why now?

Thanks to these recent advances, voice interfaces are set to become an even bigger part of our lives in the next few years. Now companies don't need billions in revenue to build voice interaction into their products. These new platforms have enabled voice innovation on a grand scale. Soon, our homes and offices will be much more talkative places.

It's time to add a little magic to your product. It's time to give your house a voice. This revolution is just getting started, and we'd love for you to join.

We’ve been experimenting and building with these open voice platforms to create intuitive web and mobile voice interfaces, and we’re delighted with the voice interactions we've created.

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